• We supply you with locked security (wheelie) bins into which you put confidential documents, brochures, folders etc.
  • When the bin is full email us, or we can visit on a regular basis.
  • Our fully trained & experienced operator will visit and uplift the bin from your offices and take it to the parked mobile shredding vehicle.
  • Once inside the shredding compartment the door is locked from the inside so it cannot be opened from the outside.
  • The contents of the bin are tipped into a high volume security shredder.
  • When shredding is completed the bin is returned to your offices, along with a Certificate of Destruction.
  • You can supervise shredding ANYTIME you wish.

The PROSHRED MOBILE ON-SITE SHREDDING vehicle offers customers a cost effective solution that has advantages over traditional methods of destruction.

Pick-up and destroy services cannot guarantee confidentiality as material is transported to another location and typically sorted in whole, readable form prior to destruction, and it may be several days before destruction takes place.You must trust the hauler and their employees to safeguard your confidentiality.



On a regular prearranged basis ie daily, weekly, four weekly or as required.

Clean Outs

Predetermined one time basis, periodic purges, year end file turnovers and building moves.

BOTH TYPES OF SERVICE OFFER CONVENIENCE - Our uniformed operators do all the work. The material is taken to the vehicle parked right outside your door and destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction is issued at completion of each job for your records.